Nutrition labelling in stores: Guiding Stars project

Guiding Stars is a nutrition labelling system displayed on shelf tags in grocery stores. Canada’s largest supermarket retailer began implemented the Guiding Stars program in 46 Ontario supermarkets in 2012, with a staggered  implementation in other stores and provinces across the country.

The primary goal of the proposed research was to examine the impact of an on-shelf nutrition labelling program on consumer food and beverage purchases in supermarkets in Ontario, Canada. The study included exit surveys with Loblaw consumers and an analysis of sales data to examine what, if any, impact Guiding Stars has on consumer behaviour and nutritional quality of food purchases.

The timing and implementation of the labelling program in Loblaws stores and the future planned roll out to additional stores provided a unique opportunity to assess a rapidly unfolding program in a real-world setting. With over 14 million shoppers per week across Loblaw stores, this study has the potential to inform nutrition labelling practice and potentially improve consumers’ food and beverage purchases in Canada.

Read the papers:

Consumers’ Response to an On-Shelf Nutrition Labelling System in Supermarkets: Evidence to Inform Policy and Practice.
Hobin E, Bollinger B, Sacco J, Liebman E, Vanderlee L, Zuo F, Rosella L, L’abbe M, Manson H, Hammond D.
Milbank Q 2017; 95(3): 494-534.

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