Can food labels be designed to be more effective?

More Canadians get nutrition information from food labels than any other source. At the same time, most consumer struggle to understand and apply the nutrient information on pre-packaged foods. A number of countries are in the process of re-designing their labels. Our research is exploring ways to make nutrition numbers easier to understand and use.  


Nutrition labelling on pre-packaged foods

What is the best way to design nutrition labels on pre-packaged foods? Read about research testing different ways to improve consumer understanding and use of nutrition labels.

Nutrition labelling in stores: Guiding Stars project

Most of our food decisions are made in grocery stores. We are evaluating a nutrition labelling system on retail shelves of the largest grocery chain in Canada.

Food marketing

How do parents respond to child-oriented food packaging and industry sponsored nutrition symbols? Can policies such as marketing policies on “happy meal” toys promote healthier eating?