Energy drink consumption among Ontario youth

We recently published findings from more than 23,000 youth on energy drink consumption from the COMPASS study. The findings confirm very high level of use for energy drinks on their own and mixed with alcohol.

Nearly one in five students (18.2%) reported consuming energy drinks in a usual week. Use of energy drinks was more common among students who were male, off-reserve Aboriginal, had some spending money, had a BMI outside of “healthy” range, were trying to lose weight, and/or reported higher intensity of alcohol use.Use of energy drinks mixed with alcohol in the last 12 months was reported by 17.3% of the sample, and was associated with race, spending money, and more frequent binge drinking.

The findings underscore the strong association between energy drinks and binge drinking among under-age youth. Collectively, these findings highlight the importance of evaluating existing energy drink policies with respect to consumption among youth.

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