Are energy drinks a public health issue?

After only a decade on the Canadian market, energy drinks are one of the fastest growing beverage sectors. Energy drinks are most popular among youth and young adults. Health Canada has implemented new regulations, including health warnings and restrictions on alcohol mixed energy drinks. Our work is monitoring patterns of use, exposure to marketing and the impact of the new regulations.


Energy drinks in Canada – National survey

In December 2013, Canada implemented new regulations for caffeinated energy drinks (CEDs). The regulatory measures included limits on caffeine content and new labelling requirements. CED products that complied with these requirements were granted “temporary marketing authorization,” during which time Health […]

Energy shots

Should energy “shots” be regulated the same way as energy drinks? In 2012, Health Canada transitioned caffeinated energy drinks from Natural Health Product to Food and Drug classification and regulations, implementing temporary guidelines with requirements such as caffeine content limits, mandatory […]

Adverse events

  We searched Health Canada’s Adverse Reaction Reporting for Specific Products for adverse reactions associated with energy drinks and for ‘coffee’ related beverages. To read the report, click here.

Focus Groups Among Canadian Youth

What do kids think about energy drinks? Are they different from sports drinks? Do they feel that energy drink ads are targeted at them? Read about a series of focus groups with children and youth.

Energy drink consumption among Ontario youth

How many high school students in Ontario schools consume energy drinks and mix energy drinks with alcohol? New findings from more than 26,000 high school students reveal a surprisingly high level of use.