Dual use of smoking & e-cigarettes

“Dual use” of smoking and e-cigaretteĀ constitutes the majority of e-cigarette users in Canada. Despite this, little is known about consumption patterns and biomarkers of exposure amogn dual users. We conducted a study to fill several critical evidence gaps regarding dual usersā€™ patterns of use and exposure to nicotine and tobacco smoke constituents in the Canadian context. The study examined: 1) Patterns of use and perceptions of tobacco cigarettes and ecigarettes among dual users. In the context of product switching, the study examined: 2) Exposure to nicotine and compensatory behaviour; 3) Exposure to tobacco smoke constituents; 4) Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal for tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, respectively; 5) Selfefficacy for abstaining from smoking tobacco cigarettes and using e-cigarettes, respectively; and 6) Perceived respiratory health.

Read a summary of the findings here.

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