Are e-cigarettes having a public health benefit or harm?

The nicotine market is rapidly evolving due to e-cigarettes. Although e-cigarette may help some smokers to quit, an increasing number of non-smokers are trying these products. Our research is examining who is using e-cigarettes, for what reasons,and how policies can help shape their public health impact.


E-cigarette use: Prevalence & patterns of use

How many people are using e-cigarettes in Canada? Are Canadian smokers using e-cigarettes in ways that help them quit or sustain smoking? How many young non-smokers are using e-cigarettes?

Sales & retail marketing of e-cigs in Canada

In Canada, e-cigarettes containing nicotine require market approval and no products have been granted approval to date. Therefore, nicotine containing e-cigarettes can’t be legally marketed or sold. We conducted an environmental scan of 60 retail outlets in four cities across Canada […]

Dual use of smoking & e-cigarettes

We are preparing to launch one of the first clinical trials of e-cigarettes in Canada. The study will examine examine the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, as well as to examine potential adverse outcomes.