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I am an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health & Health Systems at the University of Waterloo.

My research seeks to evaluate and inform interventions and policies related to health behaviour. My primary focus is on programs and policies that reach large segments of the population and that target primary determinants of health, including tobacco use, diet, and illicit drug use. Much of my work also has an international focus, including in studies in high, middle and low income countries.

I work closely with decision makers. I have served as an Advisor to the World Health Organization and I have consulted with governments throughout the world on tobacco packaging and labelling policies.


Academic Positions

2011 July                Associate Professor (Tenured), School of Public Health & Health Systems, University of Waterloo
2007 January         Assistant Professor, Department of Health Studies & Gerontology, University of Waterloo
2005 September   Research Assistant Professor, Department of Health Studies & Gerontology, University of Waterloo



2002-2005                            Ph.D.     Psychology (Special Programs)                  University of Waterloo
2000-2002                            M.Sc.     Health Studies                                                University of Waterloo
1992-1996                            B.A.        Psychology                                                      University of British Columbia


Awards & Distinctions Past 5 years

2012 Oustanding Performance Award - University of Waterloo ($3,500)
2012 Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco - Jarvik-Russell Young Investigator Award ($1,000)
2012 Statistical Society of Canada - Lise Manchester Award ($1,000)
*Awarded jointly with Dr. Geoffrey Fong and Dr. Mary Thompson
2011-2014    Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute – Junior Investigator Award ($150,000)
2010 Canada’s Premier Young Researcher Award - Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($250,000)
2010-2015  Canadian Institutes of Health Research - New Investigator Award ($300,000)
2009  Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Canadian Medical Association Journal Top Canadian Achievements in Health Research Awards 2009.*
*Awarded jointly with Dr. Geoffrey Fong and Dr. Mary Thompson for research contributions in the area of global tobacco control policies.
2009 Outstanding Performance Award—Faculty of Applied Health Science, University of Waterloo ($3,000)
2005 Michael Smith Foundation (MSFHR) Scholar Award ($80,000/year, Declined)

Contributions to Policy & Pratice Selected

2010 to present

US FDA – Health warning design
Advisor to advertising firm who received the bid from the US Food & Drug Administration to develop images for new pictorial health warnings to be implemented on US cigarette packages.

2010 to present

UK Department of Health – Expert Witness,  Judicial Review
I am serving as an Expert Witness on behalf of the UK Department of Health related to a Judicial Review of legislation banning point-of-sale tobacco marketing and the display of cigarettes in retail outlets. Tobacco companies have launched a legal challenge on the basis that the legislation will be ineffective and therefore disproportionate. My role is review evidence and expert reports submitted by tobacco companies.

2010 to present

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Senior Consultant
I am serving as a Senior Consultant to the US CDC to help guide evaluation efforts of federal labelling regulations in the United States.

2009 to present

Expert Witness in tobacco litigation
I have served as an Expert Witness by the federal government for two actions involving the tobacco industry: a health care cost-recovery suit in British Columbia and a class action suit in Quebec. I have also served as an Expert for a class action case against Philip Morris in the state of Missouri. 

2005 to present

Health Canada- Tobacco Control Program - Advisor
I have participated in a range of meetings and consultations in support of tobacco labelling regulations over the past five years. In addition to regular consultations, this work included hosting a meeting on behalf of Health Canada, drafting reports, and providing regular feedback on new initiatives, as well as high-level meetings with the Deputy Minister, the Health Minister’s office, and senior staff in the Regulations and Policy divisions.

2008 to present

Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco - Policy & Publications Committee
I have sat on the SRNT Policy Committee since 2008. My role is to help guide the society’s conference agenda, as well as to increase linkages with policy makers in the field of tobacco control. I currently sit on SRNT Publications Committee.

2006 to present

Framework Convention Alliance
I serve as a member and advisor on tobacco product regulation for the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA)—an organization representing over 100 non-governmental associations in support of the WHO FCTC treaty. As part of this work, I co-author annual briefing reports and policy reviews on tobacco product regulation for the FCA membership and for regulators in governments.


Smoke Free Ontario Strategy - Working Group
I was a member of the Smoke-Free Ontario Scientific Advisory Committee, which prepared a report on behalf of the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion: “Evidence to Guide Action: Comprehensive Tobacco Control in Ontario”.


Health Canada - Adult Tobacco Use Working Group
I participated in a 2-day meeting to identify federal priorities for reducing adult smoking prevalence. As part of this meeting, I authored one of the key background papers.


World Health Organization – Technical Advisor
I served as the Technical Advisor for the World Health Organization for Article 11 of the FCTC treaty. In this capacity, I helped to author guidelines for the treaty, which was subsequently endorsed by 168 countries. This work involved a heavy, year-long commitment, including significant international travel. In addition, I created a number of materials and a guide to support the implementation of Article 11 guidelines, and I continue to provide informal guidance and support to a number of jurisdictions.


Ontario Tobacco Research Unit Research Advisory committee
The OTRU Research Advisory committee was established to help guide OTRU research priorities and activities. This work represented a light workload, with annual meetings for the committee.


United Kingdom, Department of Health – Tobacco strategy
I have participated in meetings to inform the development of the UK Department of Health’s tobacco strategy. This involved meetings and presentations in the UK, as well as contributions to the draft strategy.


International Standards Organization (ISO) – Working Group
I served as a technical expert on an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee to establish new machine testing standards for cigarette emissions (ISO TC126/Working Group 9), at a series of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland and Las Vega Nevada. My role was to support WHO scientists, particularly in the technical aspects of machine smoking and cigarette yields.


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Accepting Canada's Premier Young Research Award with Alain
Beaudoin (President CIHR) & Governer General David Johnston
Nov 2010


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